Since the remarkable work of Thomas Wedgwood on the journey that dates back to 1800s to develop the principles that help in capturing photographic images today, the world of photography has always been filled with trends and discovery with every new move resulting in a better improvement in the technology.

Even in the age of advancement in science and technology, photography continues to trend where expectations for new events and development in the photography business continues to be a thing everyone in the industry looks forward to at every moment of the year. In this article, let’s look at a few trends that will shape the photography industry in 2017 and beyond.

  1. More quality demands

With cell phone cameras ranking shoulder high with professional photos, the general public is becoming more visually educated and demanding better quality output than ever before, and this will continue to be a challenge in the photography business.

  1. More people finding a trade in photography related industry

Today, a lot of people are finding it incredibly easy to get into photography related business. The social media today is awash with image related content, and there are photo bloggers and other content creators whose primary business is depending on photography to reach out to their audience.

  1. Images will continue to shape social communication

Hardly anything that happens in our societies today that is not recorded in photos. Photography is finding better application in recording evidence in events going on in the streets and other public places such that henceforth, social communication will be held in pictures more than it would in texts.

  1. Hitherto unexplored areas of the world are getting more exposure

Before the advent of image capturing device, it was difficult to know things you have not see face to face, but not anymore. There was a time when leaders would disguise as commoners and beggars to roam the market place, and no one will know who he was because people did not know how he looks. Photography has changed all that and today, events in the far end, unexplored territory of the world is known vividly because the images had been taken and shared to the knowledge of everyone. How did you know about places in the moon that are outside of this planet if not for photography?

  1. New technology and platforms will create new channels of creativity in photography

People who love to travel are turning travel journalist and bloggers sharing amazing images for people to buy and enhance their knowledge of such events. Today, people share food pictures, culture, development, city photos, and other exciting events and developing into a creative vocation to create jobs and engage people profitably.

The year 2017 trends so many visual creators as more young people are attracted to photo creativity, with cell phones and great cameras, the trend of creativity in photography is expected to continue.